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COASTAL GHOSTS, From Savannah to Wilmington

by Nancy Rhyne

A guide to the sites of ghostly appearances and mysterious happenings along the coast from Wilmington, North Carolina, through South Carolina’s fabled Low-country, to Savannah, Georgia. The twenty-five tales are arranged geographically.

    Author Nancy Rhyne, an experienced tour guide and acclaimed storyteller, takes you on a ghostly tour through a part of the United States that she believes is richer in folklore and tales of strange happenings than any other.
        The folklore of this region is heavily influenced by both the lavish lifestyle of the wealthy colonial rice plantation owners and the superstitions and customs brought from Africa by the slaves who cultivated the land.
        The twenty-five tales in this collection can be enjoyed as pure entertainment-for these stories are full of strange occurrences, bizarre twists, and intriguing bits of history. But, the geographical grouping of the tales also provides an unusual tour guide. You'll visit houses built in a long-ago age and tiny churches where the colonists worshipped. You'll stroll down cobblestone streets and walk along riverfronts where pirates came ashore with their bounty.

192 pages. B/w photos. 1989.     

Softcover, ISBN 13: 978-0-87844-049-8/ ISBN 10: 0-87844-049-6, $14.95



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